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Alchemy Universal Therapies

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Alchemy Universal Therapies

All Consciousness Healing Technologies are based on being in a state of Heart centered intention, all in ‘benevolent nature’ with Trust in the Creator. When you are in this state of heart/mind or neutrality you can access the real disruption to the physicality or mental/ emotional or life experiences. Once the information has been accessed in a neutral state – you as the healer, are not a part of the problem but can see within it to know what needs to be done to bring everything into a state of Regeneration of the Original Blue Print you were meant to participate with. The unadulterated you.

healing technologies

Medical Intuitive

Once we see what the problem is or how it came about, I am now shown or given a team that can hep remedy the situation.

Clearings of Land, Homes, Businesses, and Self

When trauma has happened on a piece of land, the land & water hold energy.

Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics is the usage of light and information to create healing, self-care and transformation.

Regeneration Through Consciousness

Regeneration Healing is a consciousness-based healing program that has gone on since the beginning of time.

Ascended Masters Ancient Healing Technique

Assisting others in the raising of one's vibration
to the highest level one is ready to align. Create health, wealth and happiness.

Universal White Time Healing

White Time can be used for physical, mental, emotional healing for self, your business, others, animals, and anything you wish to utilize it in.


Law of Attraction


I utilize the Laws of the Universe in assisting you in clearing the way for you to manifest your purpose here on the Planet or beyond in the easiest most enjoyable way possible.

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In one month over $500,000 flooded into my business after working with Pat. I’m a lawyer, and a successful one. But I hit a patch where I was completely cash poor. I wasn’t attracting clients who could pay, or clients were not meeting their financial obligations and I couldn’t seem to get new ones. After one session with Pat it was like a complete financial “reset.” Thanks Pat! Amazing!
D.Brewer, Cash Poor Lawyer

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